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South Africa Distributor

  Crest Technology is the authorised distributor of ST Lab                               products in South Africa.

       PCI Express Expansion Card

The new generation of I/O interconnect standard. PCIe is the most advanced architecture allowing the data transfer rate of 2.5Gbps. 1.5 times faster than 32bit PCI (1Gbps).

ST Lab Products

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               PCI Expansion Card  

32Bit PCI 1Gbps I/O expansion cards are designed for various expansions ports like,  USB 2.0, Firewire IEEE1394a, SATA / PATA, Serial and Parallel interface.

                      USB Devices

   ST Lab offers a number of USB devices for expansion use.

     From USB hubs, USB to Serial & Parallel, USB to SATA…

           This is suitable for upgrading Laptops/Desktops.


    ExpressCards - The new generation of I/O expansions for

      Notebooks. The ExpressCard standard delivers thinner,

           faster and lighter modular expansion to Notebooks.

:                      Audio Devices

      ST Lab Sound Devices provides you the easiest, most    affordable way to add sound capability to your notebook or              desktop. Internal and external devices available.

              Storage Devices

 Data backup is becoming more and more important. ST Lab   has developed various hard disk enclosure for different use.

       The ability to convert SATA to PATA and PATA to SATA .

           Networking Products

        ST Lab offers various networking products including

   LAN Cards and switching hubs, available in PCI bus, PCIe                PCMCIA, ExpressCard and USB connectivity.